Kraven vs. Omega Red on Krakoa in X-Forces The Hunt for X in September

Update: X-Force’s showdown with classic Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter continues in September with X-Force #32. which is also an AXE: Judgment Day tie-in issue. 

X-Force #32 cover by Joshua Cassara

X-Force #32 cover by Joshua Cassara (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Written by Benjamin Percy with art by Robert Gill and a cover by Joshua Cassara, the latest chapter ‘The Hunt for X’ finds Kraven on Krakoa continuing his quest to prove he is the apex predator and even mutants, the emerging so-called dominant species on Earth is his prey. 

Kraven’s flex puts him on a path for a showdown with X-Force, including,as you can see here on Cassara’s cover, Omega Red. 

Look for more of Marvel’s September solicitations soon, and below for our original story on ‘The Hunt for X.’

Original story follows…

X-Force is entering the AXE: Judgment Day fray in July, as will Deadpool when the Merc with a Mouth rejoins the team – which will need all the help it can get as Kraven the Hunter makes the Judgment Day scene as well. 

Yes, the Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter. 

X-Force #30

X-Force #30 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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In fact, July’s X-Force #30 kicks off a major new story arc called ‘The Hunt for X,’ because Kraven hunts. That’s what he does. 

Written by Benjamin Percy with art by Robert Gill, Marvel calls the issue the start of a new X-Force era as Wade Wilson makes his “grand return” as the team needs reinforcements in the fallout of the events of June’s second annual Hellfire Gala and the Judgment Day revelations.

Marvel isn’t giving up how Kraven gets involved, but as we say, he hunts. 

“Since the dawn of Krakoa, the mutants have faced many threats – assassins, political rivalries, telefloronic infections, sea monsters, interdimensional wars, A.I. adversaries, time-traveling troublemakers (I could go on) – but there has always been the nagging sense that they might have a way out,” Percy tells Newsarama, also not getting into Kraven’s involvement. 

X-Force #30

X-Force #30 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“Maybe Moira could reset the timeline or maybe death could be solved through resurrection or or or. But now – with Judgment Day – we’ve entered a whole other category of crisis. This is an extinction-level event. Not just for the mutants, but mankind. It’s always fun to play with a thorny, high-stakes situation like this. Doubly so when my favorite Marvel villain – Kraven – is involved. X-Force is going to have its hands full.”

X-Force #30 goes on sale July 27 with a cover by Joshua Cassara and a variant by Carlos Magno, both seen here. 

It joins the newly-announced three-issue limited series – the non-subtle AXE: Death to Mutants as July-launching tie-ins to the main AXE: Judgment Day event. 

Look for Marvel’s July 2022 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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