Venom #10 asks “Who is Bedlam?” with secret variant cover


In terms of its definition, it means “a scene of uproar and total confusion.” And even though anyone could look up a list of synonyms for the term, the true identity of the mysterious symbiote villain named Bedlam has remained a thorn in the side of Eddie Brock and his son Dylan, the two current symbiote anti-heroes leading vastly different lives under the name Venom. 

Soon, Bedlam’s secret identity will be revealed at last – and it’s someone so recognizable that just seeing their face would spoil the surprise. To that end, Marvel has released a censored version of Paolo Siqueira and Rachelle Rosenberg’s just-revealed variant cover for the issue which hides the villain’s true face behind a black blot marked with the simple question “Who is Bedlam?”

Venom #10 variant cover

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But readers won’t have to wait till Venom #10 to get an answer to the question of Bedlam’s true identity. That will come a little earlier in July 27’s Venom #9 – in other words, mere weeks from now. 

Weirdly enough, the solicitation text for Venom #9 doesn’t mention Bedlam at all. It instead refers to an upcoming nemesis for Eddie Brock and the Symbiote Hive he’s now a part of – Kang the Conqueror.

However, the solicitation text for August 31’s Venom #10 does offer some more potential insight into Bedlam, stating “Manipulated and maligned by forces stronger than himself, Eddie has no choice but to watch in horror as his son, Dylan, and the Venom symbiote are stabbed in the heart by Bedlam!”

Could that mean that a truly dire fate awaits Dylan Brock at Bedlam’s hand? Or is “stabbed in the heart” more metaphorical? 

We’ll find out more when Bedlam is revealed.

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