Elden Ring goes first-person in this Dreams fanart

Update: The artist that created Elden Ring fan art in Dreams has made the project playable.

Yesterday, Media Molecule artist Martin Nebelong posted on Twitter that he’d managed to make the previous fan art of FromSoftware’s new game playable in Dreams. This apparently took the artist “no more than a few minutes,” and Nebelong has now made it so that players can actually explore a small section of Elden Ring’s The Lands Between in what was formerly a painting. 

Literally took no more than a few minutes to make my Elden Ring fanart playable. Sure, the scale issues and shortcomings of the scene become apparent quickly, but it’s still so incredibly cool to have a tool that allows this 😁#MadeInDreams #EldenRing @PlayStation pic.twitter.com/IWCb4yvcFSMarch 13, 2022

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Original: The worlds of Elden Ring and Dreams have combined in this beautiful piece of fan art.

While some Elden Ring players are getting creative in-game, with builds that turn their Tarnished into Darth Maul and others craftily speedrunning over the finish line in less than an hour, From Software’s latest has also attracted tributes in the form of fan art.

One of the most spectacular artistic odes to Elden Ring that we’ve seen so far comes courtesy of Martin Nebelong. The Danish artist, who works at Media Molecule, shared a stunning landscape piece on Twitter that perfectly captures the beauty and majesty of The Lands Between.

Here’s a timelapse of my Elden Ring fanart. Made in Dreams on my PS5 yesterday. Let me know what you think of it and if I captured the mood of the game, which I have yet to play.. need to finish Horizon First :D#madeindreams #ELDENRING @PlayStation pic.twitter.com/a8LCBvk7KNMarch 9, 2022

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The impressive artwork was created on PS5 using Dreams, the studio’s content creation game that initially launched in 2020. This Elden Ring piece shows just how much detail and complexity can be added to create true works of art.

Nebelong also shared a timelapse video showing the work that went into creating the piece’s lonely castle and fog-covered cliffs. And the finished result looks every bit like a screenshot that was pulled straight out of the game itself.

Although Nebelong’s managed to capture the tone of Elden Ring perfectly, the artist admitted he hasn’t yet played the game. He’s aiming to finish adventuring with Aloy in Horizon: Forbidden West before setting foot in The Lands Between.

Elden Ring isn’t the only game Nebelong created fan art for using Media Molecule’s creation platform. Last year, he recreated Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s dimension hopping in Dreams.

To find out if From Software’s latest is for you, check out our Elden Ring review.

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