The Boys cast and crew hype up season 3 episode 6, the NSFW “masterpiece” set to shock

The Boys season 3, episode 6 is set to be wild, or we’d expect as much, at least, given that the show’s creator Eric Kripke has been hyping it up since early 2021.

Now, as its release date fast approaches on Friday, June 25, the cast have been getting involved, too, as Hughie Campbell actor Jack Quaid admits it’s his “favorite episode ever”. Titled ‘Herogasm’, the instalment lifts a storyline straight from Garth Ennis’ graphic novels, which sees The Seven and several other Vought supes travel to a private island under the guise of teaming up to save the world from an alien threat. 

In reality, they go off-grid once there, and indulge in orgies and other activities. In the comics, it’s known to be somewhat of an annual company-sponsored event, where virtually anything goes – legal or not – and human participants were paid up to $100,000 to act out some of the “heroes” deepest, darkest fantasies.

“THE BOYS Season 3, Episode 6 is a frigging masterpiece. Episode title: Herogasm. That’s what I call a ‘cigarette after’ episode, and that’s all I’ll say,” one critic said (opens in new tab), as another added (opens in new tab): “As one of the fortunate few who got an early screening of this whole season, I just don’t think people are ready for what’s about to come this week. #Herogasm is going to scar some people, & I’m all here for it.”

“Okidoke. Move over episode five, Episode six is en route…could be my fav this season…and yes…there’s that wee fluid exchange party…#stayclassy,” Homelander actor Antony Starr admitted (opens in new tab).

Seems like the right time to trot this back out. 20, 2022

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In my extremely biased opinion, 306 is my favorite episode of @TheBoysTV ever. #TheBoys #Herogasm 19, 2022

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“[The Boys TV] are really hyping up this week’s episode of #Herogasm I really hope it lives up to expectations. I wanna see some messed up shit,” one cautiously optimistic fan wrote (opens in new tab) on Twitter as the hashtag began trending on Monday, June 20. A second said: “I remember reading Herogasm for the first time. There’s no way they get away with that on TV. Right? Right?! RIGHT?”

Talking to Total Film about the episode back in May, Kripke explained: “It took me two years of working closely with Amazon before the third year, much like a patient parent, they were like, ‘Okay, you’ve got it, you’ve earned it, you can have Herogasm.”

The Boys season 3 is being rolled out on a weekly basis on Prime Video. New episodes will be available every Friday, leading up to the season finale on July 8. Looking for more to stream? Check out our guide to the best shows on Amazon Prime Video to watch right now. 

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