Street Fighter 6 fans are thirsting for Ryu

Update: Street Fighter 6 fans are convinced the new trailer teases a bit more of Ryu than was intended.

Revealed over the past weekend, the Street Fighter 6 footage boasts near-photorealistic graphics, showing off Ryu’s rippling abs in all their glory. As was noted on Twitter (opens in new tab) by plenty of users (opens in new tab), one shot appears to show the outline of Ryu’s dick. Perhaps Capcom will be grateful that the conversation has moved on from the game’s maligned logo, but we’re betting the developer lets this rapid speculation quietly fade away.

Original: Street Fighter 6 has officially been announced, with more information to come this summer.

In a new teaser trailer that came at the end of Capcom’s mysterious countdown timer early this morning, series veteran Ryu prepared to face off against newcomer Luke, the most recent addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster. While the two didn’t actually exchange blows in the trailer, the video did show off what appeared to be a slightly grittier, more realistic art style for the series.

Beyond the inclusion of those two characters, we don’t know much about Street Fighter 6. To remedy that, however, the game’s website say that there’ll be “more news Summer 2022,” so it’ll be worth keeping an eye out during the traditional E3 window.

While the confirmation that Street Fighter 6 is on its way is likely good news for fighting game fans, we’ve had an inkling that something new for the series was on the horizon for a while now. Back in November 2020, a significant ransomware breach at Capcom made mention of the project. More recently than that, Venturebeat reporter Jeff Grubb stated that Capcom’s countdown almost certainly pointed towards Street Fighter 6. On top of all that, 2022 marks the series’ 35th anniversary, which was unlikely to go unmarked.

Alongside Street Fighter 6, Capcom also revealed the Capcom Fighting Collection (opens in new tab), an anthology of ten classic games, including Hyper Street Fighter 2, Red Earth, and five Darkstalkers games, including two that will be making their Western debut when the collection drops on June 24, 2022.

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