Spooky multiplayer hide-and-seeker Midnight Ghost Hunt gets a global release date announcement

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a wild 4v4 hide-and-seek game pitting Hunters against Ghosts, and its global release date has been exclusively revealed in a new trailer during the Future Games Show.

Armed with a variety of high powered weapons and spirit-detecting tech, the soldiers must work together and use their skills to track down the spooks, then either catch them in traps or simply blast them to smithereens.

However, this ghost hunt quickly becomes a prop hunt, with the Ghosts able to posses items such as lamps, statues, chairs, and more. These can be used both to hide and as weapons, either by throwing them at opponents via telekinesis or, as seen with the cannon, deploying objects’ unique abilities against the Hunters.

The Hunters may have an initial advantage thanks to their weapons and technology, but that all changes when the clock strikes midnight and the witching hour draws in. At this point the Ghosts receive a supercharge and become all-powerful spectres, flipping the dynamic and casting the Hunters into a desperate battle for survival.

With Ghosts having the ability to posses a wide range of items, and even take the form of a Hunter’s clone to hide amongst them, there’s plenty of opportunities for shenanigans during combat. You can expect many humorous moments to arise as Ghosts experiment with different objects, and see just how far they can push things before getting spotted by the living.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is blasting into PC Early Access on March 31, 2022, and you can add it to your Steam wishlist now to get notified as soon as it goes live.

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