Sekiro and Hollow Knight-inspired Nine Sols gets crowdfunded in less than 24 hours

Nine Sols’ crowdfunding campaign has reached its goal in less than a day.

The promise of a game that mixes Sekiro, Hollow Knight and Katana Zero has understandably piqued players’ interest, with the game quickly exceeding its crowdfunding goal (opens in new tab) of three million Taiwanese dollars.

The action platformer from Devotion developer Red Candle Games sees you journey to the realm of an ancient alien race to hunt down the nine Sols, the rulers of this land. Nine Sols takes its influence from many different areas. Its style, which the team calls Taopunk, blends cyberpunk and sci-fi elements with Taoism and Far Eastern mythology. Sekiro’s parry-focused combat, meanwhile, was a big inspiration for the battles in the 2D side-scroller. 

The vibrancy of the game’s beautifully hand-drawn visuals marks quite a change of style for Red Candle Games. The developer’s previous two games, Detention and Devotion, are steeped in psychological horror. You can see the beauty of Nine Sols for yourself in the trailer below. 

If you like the look of Nine Sols, its crowdfunding campaign runs until May 8, with the game currently expected to launch on PC, Switch and PlayStation. As well as a digital copy of the game, there are various extras you can get, including a digital soundtrack and an adorable limited-edition action figure. 

If any of Red Candle Games’ horror titles have kept you awake at night, the developer has also made a storytelling app to help you get up on time.

If you’ve finished Hollow Knight, need something to pass the time until Nine Sols, and are bored of waiting for Hollow Knight Silksong, then check out the best games like Hollow Knight to play after you’ve beaten all those bosses.

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