Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny appearance rates revealed

Pokemon Legends Arceus makes catching Shinies easier than ever, if you’ve got the right items.

Just below, you can see a tweet published yesterday by Pokemon dataminer Anubis. This user has put their apparent love for spreadsheets to work in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and has actually managed to determine the base catch rate for Shiny Pokemon throughout the game.

Shiny hunters will enjoy Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Along with the Shiny Charm, many new mechanics can further improve your chances of finding a shiny from the base 1/4096 rate.Here are your shiny rates as of version 1.0.1. pic.twitter.com/gw4dswDMHSJanuary 27, 2022

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At the start of the game, the likelihood of finding a shiny pokemon is the standard one in 4096, but as you improve your dex research level, you unlock a separate ‘roll’, meaning the game will check for a shiny twice. That increases the likelihood to just one in 2048. Later on, if you can perfect your research level and equip a Shiny Charm, those odds improve even further, up to one shiny Pokemon for every 586 encounters, making them around seven times more likely to appear.

If all of that stacks up with the returning Mass Outbreak event, which sees large numbers of Pokemon appear in the region, the shiny rate can max at at one in 128. That still means you’ll only have roughly a 0.8% chance of finding a shiny in a given encounter, but it’s a much better rate than the 0.02% chance normally get.

Unfortunately, however, some Pokemon won’t ever appear in their shiny forms. Anubis says that all ‘static-encounters’ – Pokemon that always appear in the same place, like starter Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon – are “shiny-locked,” meaning they’ll never appear in their alternate colourings.

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