Elden Rings Peoples Champion is soloing Malenia over and over again for a struggling community

An Elden Ring player is soloing Malenia and becoming a legend among the community.

As you can see below, a certain player has become legend within Elden Ring‘s worldwide community. It turns out someone has become such an expert at taking on Malenia, they’ve turned it into their entire schtick, making their character’s name “Let Me Solo Her,” and basically beating the imposing boss for others when they’re summoned in to help. Their technique is almost impeccable – but then it would have to be when you’re taking on the Blade of Miquella wearing nothing but your pants and a jar on your head.

The player has had a staggering impact on the Elden Ring community at large. Player threads on the Elden Ring subreddit, like the one just below, have popped up overnight, testifying to the supreme power of the player in helping them through a boss many consider to be one of the most difficult fights FromSoftware has ever made.

He’s not Maidenless, that’s for damn sure. Elden Ring’s community is in awe of this player, and considering the player in question said their sign will “be down for desperate Tarnished as always,” it looks as though they plan on sticking around to help out the struggling community with Malenia, Blade of Miquella for the forseeable future.

Unfortunately, they’re only on PC. For Tarnished who are struggling against Malenia on other platforms, you’ll sadly have to look outside of a man wearing a loincloth, a pot, and carrying two heavy katanas to help see you through the fight. Who knows, perhaps there’s another expert on carrying players through fights on another platform, dedicating themselves to helping the community. 

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