New Pokemon Legends: Arceus gameplay trailer gives first look at crafting

A new Pokemon Legends: Arceus gameplay trailer features gameplay, battles, and crafting. 

In the minute-long trailer, we get to see more of the Hisui region as well as several regional exclusive Pokemon such as Basculegion, Wyrdeer, and Hisuian Growlithe. What’s caught our attention though is that around the 29-second mark we can see Snorlax helping a trainer to gather materials, followed by what looks like a crafting bench. 

Seeing as we still don’t know much about the game, we’re not entirely sure what kind of items players will be crafting with their new skill. Following the reveal of the workbench though, we did get to see a Pokeball, so perhaps players will be able to craft their own equipment whilst exploring the Hisui region. 

Elsewhere in the latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer, we also got to see different areas within the Hisui region including snowy, seaside, and mountainous landscapes – which from a quick look at the map at the start of the trailer are just some of the areas that make up the old-timey region. If all of this wasn’t enough to get you hyped for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, we also get another glimpse of the star Pokemon of the game Arceus. 

The excitement surrounding the “open-world” Pokemon game just continues to grow the closer we get to its release date. In fact, one fan has taken it upon themselves to imagine convincing shiny forms of Hisuian Pokemon such as Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, Braviary, Voltorb, and more. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to release in just a couple of weeks’ time on January 28, 2022 – exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. 

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