Miles Morales latest Marvel mash-up is the Hulk in May

Miles Morales is Hulking out in May.

What If... Miles Morales #3

What If… Miles Morales #3 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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The third issue of Marvel Comics’ five-issue monthly anthology series What If… Miles Morales goes on sale May 11. After adventures in March 2’s issue #1 reimagining Miles as Captain America (opens in new tab), and April 6’s issue #2 that rethinks him as Wolverine (opens in new tab), What If… Miles Morales #3 considers what would happen if Miles was blasted by gamma radiation and became the Incredible Hulk instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming Spider-Man.

What If… Miles Morales #3 is written by Anthony Piper and drawn by Edgar Salazar with a cover and design variant cover by Paco Medina, who also illustrates the Captain America launch issue. 

“Is Miles man or monster?” Marvel asks in its description of What If… Miles Morales #3. “Or maybe he’s just a kid trying to live a normal life…school, dates, a rampaging ABOMINATION… Miles may be the strongest there is, but that doesn’t mean growing up will be easy.”

It never is, is it?

What If... Miles Morales #3

What If… Miles Morales #3 design variant cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“For me to imagine one of the most wholesome characters in the Marvel Universe turning into the giant, green monster was a horrifying proposition – which is exactly how I went into crafting this story,” Piper tells Newsarama about his story. “I’m excited for both fans of Miles and Hulk to experience how I blended the mythology of these two beloved characters!”

Technically speaking  What If… Miles Morales #3 won’t be eligible for our list of best Miles Morales: Spider-Man stories of all time since it isn’t a Spider-Man story.

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