Mark Hamill reveals his unpopular Star Wars opinion about an “under appreciated” project

Mark Hamill has revealed his unpopular Star Wars opinion – and it’s a surprising one.

The actor, who plays Luke Skywalker in the movies and the Disney Plus TV shows, responded to a Twitter prompt on the topic with: “The Star Wars Holiday Special was under appreciated.”

The Star Wars Holiday Special aired way back in ’78, and brought the original cast together for a story that sees Han and Chewie trying to get to the Wookiee’s home planet for Life Day – the galaxy far, far away’s equivalent of Christmas. Strangely enough, it’s also what introduced Boba Fett to the world: he first appeared in an animated section of the special.

Fan reception to the Holiday Special is not particularly warm, and it’s one of those rare Star Wars projects that pretty much everyone agrees on (apart from Hamill, it seems). The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which also revolves around Life Day, was released on Disney Plus in 2020, and is more positively received.

It’s unclear if Hamill will be returning in The Mandalorian season 3 after appearing in The Book of Boba Fett, but we’ll next see Luke in Obi-Wan Kenobi – the first trailer for the show revealed the titular Jedi master watching over the young Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is also the next Star Wars project to release, with Andor coming later at some point in 2022. The Mandalorian season 3 is also reported to release around Christmas time of this year – is a Baby Yoda-themed Holiday Special on the cards? We sure hope so. 

While you wait, check out our guide to all the upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows coming soon from the galaxy far, far away. If you’re not signed up already, subscribe to Disney Plus (opens in new tab) here.

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