Heres where to get the new Lego R2-D2 set for as little as possible

The new Lego R2-D2 set can be hard to come by at a decent price, and that’s not surprising; with plenty of interactive features that include a hidden replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, it’s an impressive model (and one of the best Lego sets for Star Wars fans) that’s designed as a piece de resistance you can proudly put on display.

What kind of price are you looking for before hitting ‘add to basket’, then? Unlike Lego Baby Yoda, this is one of those Lego Star Wars sets that rarely goes on offer. Because it’s pretty popular, you’re lucky if you can get it for less than the standard price of $199 / £174.99 (we’ve certainly not seen it dip below that threshold in weekly Lego deals). As such, any sort of discount on the Lego R2-D2 set is a must-have.

It’s easy to see why this kit holds its price so staunchly. Standing at 12.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide, this new Lego R2-D2 set isn’t a throwaway novelty – it’s a ludicrously detailed figure with authentic touches pulled directly from the films. Namely, it’s got a retractable central leg, extendable hatches that hide R2’s tools, a periscope that can be moved, a rotating head, and Luke’s lightsaber that can be retrieved from a secret compartment. A lot of love has clearly gone into this model, so it’s something any Star Wars fan would be psyched to own. That’s probably why it’s been known to sell out on the official Lego store. 

Don’t give up hope if it’s temporarily unavailable, though. While the Lego R2-D2 set sells like no-one’s business, the same thing happened with the Lego NES set and Lego Friends kit a few years ago – both of which are now regularly back in stock. Basically, it won’t always be so hard to find.

Let’s crack on, shall we? Here are the best Lego R2-D2 prices right now.

Lego R2-D2 set deals

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