Konamis multiplayer mystery sim CRIMESIGHT makes crime-solving a competitive sport

There have been plenty of games that play with the murder mystery genre, but Konami’s CRIMESIGHT might be the first one to turn it into a competitive sport. Set in a future where artificial intelligence is used to predict future crimes, the game pits players against each other, taking the part of the Sherlock AI, or the nefarious Moriarty AI.

Shown off at the Future Games Show, CRIMESIGHT’s cocktail of strategy, distinctive anime visuals, and clever premise will keep even the smartest players on their toes. The Sherlock player must try to prevent the predicted crime from happening, while their rival, in the role of the Moriarty AI, must complete set tasks to complete their criminal plot. 

The game supports 2-4 person multiplayer and gives you control of characters on a tabletop version of a large house, packed with potential hazards like gas leaks and secrets like hidden passages. 

If this sounds intriguing, you can check out CRIMESIGHT in the upcoming demo weekend, slated for April 9 and April 10 depending on your region. You can register to take part from March 24 to April 7 and look out for more details on the official Konami CRIMESIGHT (opens in new tab) page.

There are three simple rules to murder in the world of CRIMESIGHT. The villain character, chosen at random from the cast of characters, must have a weapon, be in the same room as the target – also chosen at random – and the murder can’t be witnessed by any other characters. If the villain is discovered and the crime prevented, Sherlock can claim victory. If the target dies, then Moriarty can do one of those evil mastermind cackles. 

So if you’ve enjoyed figuring out the imposter in Among Us or grown bored of the usual detective games, Konami’s CRIMESIGHT will be released on April 14 on PC, and you can wishlist it now on Steam (opens in new tab)

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