KJ Apa and Isabel May tapped to play DC’s Wonder Twins for HBO Max

Wonder Twin powers, activate! 

Riverdale’s KJ Apa and 1883’s Isabel May have been tapped to play alien siblings Zan and Jayna for HBO’s live-action comedy The Wonder Twins.

The two shape-shifting alien teens first appeared in 1977 as regular characters alongside Batman and Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman on Hanna-Barbera’s The All-New Super Friends Hour. 

The series introduced the twins as metahumans who descended from an ancient race of Exorian shapeshifters. Zan possesses the ability to transform into water at any state and Jayna can shapeshift into any animal, whether real or mythological. The two also have an adorable pet space monkey named Gleek. DC Comics would go on to further expand their lore and the twins would later make cameos on Smallville, Teen Titans Go!, and The Flash.

Apa is best known for his starring role as Archie Andrews on The CW teen drama Riverdale, which has taken a recent dive into the supernatural and horror genres. May currently stars as Elsa Dutton in Paramount Plus’s Yellowstone prequel series 1883, which also stars Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliot.

Black Adam and Rampage writer Adam Sztykiel will write and direct the film in his directorial debut. Plot details have yet to be revealed, with no word whether or not the film will be an official part of the DCEU. Production is set to begin this summer in Atlanta. 

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