It turns out the Beast-Repellent Torch in Elden Ring also works on dogs

An Elden Ring player has discovered a surprising way to keep dogs at bay whilst exploring Limgrave. 

As shared in the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab), there is a way to stop dogs from attacking you and it’s as simple as wielding a fiery stick. As demonstrated in the video, players can make dogs keep their distance by carrying around the Beast-Repellent Torch. Not only does this stop them from lunging at you, but it can also be used to chase man’s not-so-best friend away entirely.  

sick_of_dealing_with_dogs from r/Eldenring

As explained in the item’s description, “torches such as these were used to keep unwelcome beasts away from treasure troves hidden in caves.” Turns out, this includes Elden Ring’s dogs, even outside of caves. The item works by emitting a “special incense” which “pacifies wild beasts.”

That doesn’t mean you can now use it on every beast you come across though. As forewarned in the comments of the Reddit post, the Beast-Repellent Torch doesn’t work on the likes of the Runebear or the birds. There is some good news though – apparently the size or shape of the dog doesn’t matter as some players have reported that this trick also works on the T-rex dogs as well as slugs, and even rats.

In other Elden Ring news, it was also recently discovered that the Rainbow Stones are just as good at helping players judge how much fall damage they’ll receive as the Prism Stones in Dark Souls 3. The even better news is that unlike the stones in Dark Souls, the Rainbow Stones in Elden Ring don’t scream when they hit the ground. 

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