Horizon Forbidden West minigame sounds like post-apocalyptic Warhammer

A Horizon Forbidden West minigame sure sounds like a post-apocalyptic version of Warhammer.

Earlier today, IGN (opens in new tab) published a preview of Horizon Forbidden West, capturing four hours spent going hands-on with Guerrilla’s upcoming sequel. Via the preview, it’s revealed that Aloy will be able to play a minigame called Machine Strike in Forbidden West, and it imitates some of the best aspects of the beloved Warhammer series.

This minigame takes place on a board composed of tiles, where each tile represents a different type of terrain. The main aim here is to take out your opponents army of machines, moving around the board to destroy your mechanical foes, while making sure to keep your own forces in good health and utilize any advantages offered by the surrounding terrain.

Every different machine unit has various health, damage, and movement attributes, with more Machine Strike pieces to collect throughout the world of Horizon Forbidden West. The new preview sure does make the brand new minigame sound a lot like tactical table top game Warhammer, with a particular nod to 40K and its mechanical, far-future setting.

There’s now less than a month until Horizon Forbidden West is finally here, when Guerrilla’s sequel launches on both PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. Just earlier this month, we saw a development build of the sequel leak online, revealing many new plot and character details in the process. If you’re looking forward to Forbidden West, make sure to stay extra vigilant on YouTube and online forums.

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