Genshin Impacts latest new boy, Ayato, gets a release date

New character Kamisato Ayato, the brother of Ayaka, is finally up for grabs as part of Genshin Impact update 2.6, which drops March 30. You’ll be able to play him either through hard-earned Primogems, or via real-world currency microtransactions.

Developer Mihoyo, now named HoYoverse, knows what it’s doing when it designed the head of the Kamisato clan. For Hydro class players, fans have had had very few character options since the game’s launch, as they are as rare as the core lapis scattered around Liyue. 

Kamisato Ayato was initially leaked, and then officially teased by HoYoverse back in February, much to the clamor of fans. The community felt like he was the hydro version of the Geo ex-Archon Zhongli, a refined gentleman who drinks boba tea. Ayato’s elemental skill is reminiscent of Senhe, as he is able to make a double of himself, meanwhile, the burst is similar to Ganyu, as it deals prolonged Hydro damage over a circular field. 

The community is excited for his arrival. Whales of the game and newcomers are excited to see another male character, as the game has recently lent heavily on its waifus, including the likes of Beidou, Rosaria, Senhe, and Nigguang to name a few leading ladies. However, the male characters don’t have the same weight. The only one with gravitas and a loyal following has always been Zhongli, and it is only logical to try and recreate his success with Ayato.

For a while HoYoverse has been churning out characters that have received little warmth from long-term players. Newcomers, meanwhile, have preferred the flexibility of older characters who needed less grinding and more common artefacts to be on par with the other five-star Hydro characters.

Genshin Impact 2.6 brings with it so many new things to look forward to from March 30, however the clear headline has been the arrival of the head of the Kamisato clan, Ayato. 

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