Diablo Immortal release time explained

Looking to plunge down to the pits of hell as soon as possible? The good news is that the Diablo Immortal release time is nearly here, so you’ll get to play the new action-RPG soon, or participate in the PC open beta to see how things are shaping up. And if you need help with the best Diablo Immortal classes, we can help there. 

Before that, though, you’ll want to make sure you have the game pre-loaded on PC. Diablo Immortal is available to pre-load on PC right this very moment, but you won’t be able to pre-load it on Android or iOS mobile platforms. Instead, you’ll want to have a nice healthy charge on your phone and have the app store opened when the game launches. That said, Blizzard says (opens in new tab) “some players” will see the app become available during early US hours on June 1, so definitely keep an eye out if you’re eager to jump in.

Diablo Immortal release time

It’s worth noting that the Diablo Immortal release date falls on different days depending on where you hang your hat. Those of you on the US West Coast, for example, can play on June 2, whereas those of you in Australia will be waiting until June 3. 

Without further adieu, here’s when Diablo Immortal unlocks in your time zone.

  • 10am PDT, June 2, (West Coast US)
  • 1pm EDT, June 2 (East Coast US)
  • 6pm BST, June 2 (UK)
  • 7pm CEST, June 2 (Central Europe)

Diablo Immortal is a “mobile-first” MMO that’s free to download and play with full crossplay and cross-save supported between PC and mobile platforms. And while yes, there are microtransactions, Blizzard recently assured that Diablo Immortal microtransactions “never circumvent core gameplay,” meaning they’re completely optional and shouldn’t give competitive players an edge over non-paying players. Blizzard is also calling it the biggest Diablo game to date, although we’d be surprised if it holds that title after Diablo 4 eventually launches. 

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