Destiny 2: The Witch Queen gets an emergency loot fix as players open a zillion chests an hour

A newly released hotfix for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen disabled a certain set of chests after players found a way to loot them roughly a zillion times in a row. 

As the patch notes (opens in new tab) for hotfix explain, the chests in Savathun’s Throne World accessed via tier three of the Deepsight effect have been “temporarily disabled” because they “were being opened far more quickly than intended for Throne World vendor reputation gains.”

Far more quickly is an understatement. Ordinarily, you’d only find a few of these chests scattered around the destination, with quite a bit of wandering between each one. But gun-hungry players quickly learned that by forcibly reloading specific zones – simply by running to the edge of one area and then hanging a swift U-turn – and using some clever platforming to get back to the same chest, you could plunder the same Deepsight treasure countless times, earning more destination reputation with every run. 

Tier three Deepsight chests dish out some serious rep, so looping a single chest for just a few minutes could net you several ranks and destination engrams. As you can imagine, running this for a few hours could rack up hundreds of engrams with little effort. This made Throne World engrams an easy and reliable way to generate lots of drops from the generic loot pool, which includes the coveted Funnelweb submachine gun, not to mention a ton of Legendary Shards. A bit too easy, you might say, hence today’s hotfix. 

Another Destiny 2 expansion, another loot cheese patched, but there’s much more to this hotfix. It tackles a number of problem bugs and quest issues which could halt progression, and it’s re-enabled some previously bugged perks like Grave Robber on the new glaive. There’s a quiet little Titan nerf hiding in the patch notes too: the new Loreley Splendor helm now requires a barricade charge to create Sunspots when you’re critically wounded, otherwise it won’t trigger. We can probably thank the Crucible for that one. 

Oh, and let’s not forget this gem:

“Ghost was confused and upside down during the meeting with Caiatl. Ghost may or may not still be confused, but at least is no longer upside down during the cinematic.”

Speaking of weird details, did you know that the new Parasite Exotic uses the sound of mac and cheese in its audio? 

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