Destiny 2 developer files lawsuit after its own videos were hit with fraudulent copyright claims

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced it’s filed lawsuits against those who sent out fake DMCA notices on its behalf earlier this month.

As first reported by Torrent Freak (opens in new tab), Bungie quietly announced it would be punishing the senders of fake DMCA notices via lawsuits. While Bungie initially announced last week that the DMCA notices weren’t being sent on their behalf, it’s now revealed that they were sent from a Google account designed to mimic an anti-piracy partner the studio works with.

Bungie has since criticized Google for processing the fraudulent DMCA requests from the Google account. Now though, the developer has apparently filed a lawsuit against 10 people in a 29-page complaint that includes allegations of abusive notices sent under DMCA, trademark abuse, and violations of consumer protection law.

However, Bungie doesn’t actually know the identities of the people responsible for the fake DMCA notices. The developer fully intends to track down the individuals though, primarily through a DMCA subpoena, and is actually requesting that damages amounting to $150,000 be rewarded for each case of a fraudulent DMCA notice sent on their behalf.

At the time of the copyright strikes earlier this month, Bungie’s own YouTube channel was hit with multiple DMCA takedowns, as were prolific content creators among the Destiny 2 community, including lore expert MyNameIsByf. Shortly after, one YouTuber announced that the copyright strikes on their videos had actually been taken down, and now it seems Bungie is hellbent on punishing those responsible.

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