Cursed to Golf challenges you to play your way out of Golf Purgatory – and you can play the demo now (if youre quick)

Cursed to Golf centers around a player trapped in Golf Purgatory, who must now complete a round to escape and earn a second chance at life.

As seen at the Future Games Show in the Virtual Show Floor (reserved for games with live Steam demos), this intriguing mixture of sport sim and roguelike plays out in beautiful pixel art from a 2D perspective, but don’t be fooled by its cutesy looks as the challenge here is a brutal one. Act fast, and you’ll be able to tee up the playable Steam demo, which is available until March 27 at 8pm CET.

Ahead of you lies a course of 18 dungeon-like holes, randomly selected from a pool of over 80 in four distinct biomes, and if you run out of shots at any point the curse will suck you through a vortex to the start of the course. Being Golf Purgatory, you don’t just have the usual bunkers and water hazards to contend with, as there are also spikes, explosives, and more to sap your par count.

Not everything is set to hinder you, as teleporters and fans can help your ball travel much further. There are also gold and silver Shot Idol statues throughout the course, which top up your shot count when you smash through them.

However, your secret weapons are Ace Cards, which you can play to manipulate your ball or the world around you. With a deck of 20+ cards that can rewind time, redirect your ball, steer it in mid-air, and much more, you need to choose carefully to get the most benefit from them and keep your round going.

Cursed to Golf is due to launch this summer on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and you can add it to your Steam wishlist right now (opens in new tab).

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