Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm and how to use it

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm is essential for any players breeding eggs, as this powerful item is used to boost your chances of finding an egg at the Pokemon Nursery whenever you leave critters there in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whether you’re looking for shiny Pokemon, to complete …

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Lego Jurassic World Gold Brick locations guide

Find all the Lego Jurassic World (opens in new tab) Gold Bricks to get yourself that elusive 100% game completion. There are over 100 of these Gold Bricks to get, but luckily they’re quite common, so you should be able to get a good chunk of them just by playing …

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Skyrim Hidden Bosses guide

Sure, completing the story might feel like finishing things, but unless you find and defeat these fauve hidden Skyrim bosses did you really? There’s a hidden dragon, a glacial giant, a vampiric demon, and more if you know where to look in Skyrim (opens in new tab). Which is where …

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