Adorable Stardew Valley mod adds repeatable date nights event for you and your spouse

A new Stardew Valley mod allows players to go on a date night with their spouse, even after the 14-day heart event has ended. 

Shared on Nexus Mods (opens in new tab), the Stardew Valley ‘Date Night’ mod is a repeatable event that lets your spouse ask you out on a regular basis. The mod doesn’t just limit players to the locals either, as it can also be used on custom spouses as well. 

According to the mod’s page, there’s currently only one generic date night experience to choose from. But this will eventually change as the mod’s creator LiveonSuperT has asked those wishing to treat their partner to a nice night out to submit ideas for date ideas via a Google Form. 

So how does the Date Night mod work? According to its creator, there’s a 10% chance that your spouse will ask for a date every day, so long as you have at least 10 hearts with them. The date request will apparently be initiated once you leave the farmhouse between the hours of 6:00AM to 3:00PM. After this time, your spouse will not ask for a date so bear that in mind if you’re not at home at all during those hours. 

Once asked, the player can choose “yes” or “no” to attending the date, and thankfully, turning your loved one down every once and a while will not affect your friendship with that person or make them angry. If you do agree though, you can trigger the ‘date event’ by walking into the Stardrop Saloon after 6:00PM the same day. If you forget to attend the date, you can’t rush in a few hours late – you will have to wait to be asked again. 

Finally, players need to have a couple of other mods installed on their farm before attempting to set up their first date night. As explained on Nexus Mods, players will also need the SMAPI, Content Patcher, and Event Repeater mods downloaded and installed. All of which are linked on the Date Night page. 

Looking for even more mods to spice up your farm life? Take a look at our list of best Stardew Valley mods for inspiration. 

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